Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) is preferring to keep holders of its preferred stock happy, declaring dividends for several classes of those securities. The company will distribute $239.58 per share of its class A preferreds, $387.50 per share of its series B, $255.56 per share for both series C and D, $371.88 to series I holders, and $343.75 for series J. All will be handed out on Nov. 12 to holders of record as of Oct. 28.

Meanwhile, possessors of the financial-services giant's series E and F preferreds are each to receive a cash distribution of $1,000 per share. These are to be paid on Dec. 2 to holders of record as of Nov. 17.

Goldman also pays a common stock dividend. Its most recent such payout was effected at the end of last month and totaled $0.50 per share. This annualizes to $2.00 per share, yielding 1.3% at the firm's most recent closing stock price of $160.00.

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