Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) is the world's largest pure medical-device maker, but this stable stock has also impressed investors with amazing growth in 2013. Shares of the company are up more than 34% in 2013. Medtronic's a powerful player in the cardiology market and more, but this company's not just thinking in American sales -- it's thinking globally.

How big are we talking? Medtronic this week agreed to an investment with India's Apollo Hospitals Enterprise to develop a portable kidney dialysis device. It's the company's first venture into kidney dialysis, a market traditionally dominated by powers such as Fresenius Medical (NYSE:FMS) and others. But the real key for Medtronic and its investors is India, an emerging market rivaled by few other developing economies that could provide a new booming market in health care for decades to come.

Yet is Medtronic's investment in India a sign of more good things to come for investors? In the video below, Motley Fool contributor Dan Carroll tells you everything you need to know about Medtronic's latest big move -- and how breaking into India could be the growth catalyst to keep this medical device leader on top for the long run.

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