Pharma giant Sanofi (NASDAQ:SNY) hasn't had a bad year by any means: Its stock has recorded double-digit percentage gains, and the company's star diabetes treatment, Lantus, has continued to see strong growth despite already selling billions of dollars in revenues annually. However, Sanofi's stock has trailed some of the biggest names in big pharma this year, and the patent cliff has taken a toll on the company's sales outside of Lantus.

The company reported third-quarter results earlier this week that brought much of the same to investors, with both profit and revenue falling for the period. However, Sanofi's leadership has expressed optimism that this company's sales slump soon could be a thing of the past.

Is Sanofi primed for a turnaround? Find out in the video below, as Fool contributor Dan Carroll takes you through what Sanofi's recent performance means for this company's future and what investors should expect from this big pharma giant in the months and quarters ahead.

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