The following video is from Friday's Investor Beat, in which host Chris Hill and Motley Fool Million Dollar Portfolio analyst Ron Gross take a look at the hardest-hitting investing stories of the day.

The Container Store is the latest hot IPO to explode onto the market, up 100% from its IPO price on its very first day as a publicly traded company. In the lead story on today's Investor Beat, Ron discusses what he loves about this business, and what he hates about the IPO.

Then, PepsiCo subsidiary Lay's is set to roll out a chocolate-covered version of its chips next week. Chris and Ron discuss a parallel trend to the healthy eating trend in America, a sharp uptick in snacking, and how this latest move by Lay's could be well-timed.

And finally, Ron tells investors why LeapFrog is going to have his attention as we move into the all-important holiday quarter.