For a while, Twitter users only had to worry about one number: 140, the maximum number of characters allowed in a tweet. Now that Twitter has become a publicly traded company, plenty of other numbers have taken center stage.

Here are some interesting figures from Twitter's historic IPO:

  • $1.8 billion: The amount that Twitter raised for itself on Wednesday night.
  • $13.1 billion: The amount that Twitter's market value grew on its first day of trading, Thursday.
  • 35: The percentage of people who think Twitter will be successful in five years, according to an AP-CNBC poll.
  • 55: The percentage of people who have never noticed an ad on Twitter.
  • $26: The share price offered to institutional investors Wednesday night.
  • $44.90: The closing price of Twitter shares on Thursday.
  • $30: What Pivotal Research analyst Brian Wieser says Twitter shares are worth.
  • 232 million: The number of monthly active Twitter users in the quarter through September.
  • 39: The percentage growth in active users from a year ago.
  • $134.47: The market value of each Twitter user.
  • 2006: The year the first tweet went out.
  • 2015: The year most analysts expect Twitter to become profitable.
  • 28: The multiple used to value Twitter based on its 2013 projected revenue at its IPO price.
  • 16: The multiple Facebook shares trade at based on 2013 projected revenue
  • 7: What Google's shares trade at based on 2013 projected revenue.
  • 117.7 million: The number of Twitter shares that changed hands Thursday.
  • 70 million: The number of shares Twitter actually issued, excluding optional additional shares based on demand.
  • $2.56 billion: The value of co-founder Evan Williams' shares.
  • $1.05 billion: The value of chairman Jack Dorsey's shares.
  • $345 million: The value of CEO Dick Costolo's shares.
  • $0: The value of two scratch-off California lottery tickets found on a rough street outside of Twitter's San Francisco headquarters.