As a purveyor of doughnuts, Dunkin' Brands (NASDAQ:DNKN) seems to have a special affinity for the number "12." For the second time this month, the company's just announced the opening of a set of a dozen new doughnut shops.

Earlier in November, Dunkin' announced plans to open 12 new restaurants in Detroit. Today, the company says it has similar designs on Memphis. Specifically, the company has just inked a deal with new franchisee JP Foods LLC to open a dozen Dunkin' Donuts shops throughout Memphis, Tenn.

According to the company, this franchise deal is in and of itself big enough to "officially" sell out the Memphis market for Dunkin. The company does, however, plan to continue expanding in the Tennessee markets of Knoxville and Nashville.

Dunkin's first new Tennessee shop will open in Memphis in 2015, with the remainder coming between then and 2020.