Boasting that it's more than just an upgrade, but an actual new "invention," iRobot (NASDAQ:IRBT) today announced the release of its latest model in the Roomba robotic vacuum line: the Roomba 800.

The Roomba 880 undercarriage. Source: iRobot

iRobot calls its new 800-series of robots a "revolutionary cleaning system," featuring new patent-pending AeroForce Extractors that "amplify suction for superior performance over traditional bristle brushes," increasing the vacuum's sucking power by as much as five times, and picking up 50% more dirt, debris and hair than previous models.

Because the new 800s will use no brushes, iRobot believes the new robots will eliminate one of the more frequent complaints about its products, to wit, that it takes nearly as long to clean the brushes of accumulated debris, as it takes the robot to vacuum the floor in the first place. The new design, says iRobot, will "eliminate tangled hair" from the maintenance equation.

The company also notes that the new design includes XLife batteries which will "maximize vacuum power." To accommodate all the extra detritus it will be picking up, iRobot also gave the 800-line a 60% bigger dustbin.

All these improvements come at a cost, however. iRobot is pricing the new Roomba 880, its first 800-line model, at $699.99 -- $100 more than its previous top-of-the-line  Roomba 780.