It's no secret that the biotech industry is complex.

Take a peek at press releases from companies like Amgen or Biogen, for instance, and you'll probably find scientific jargon, statistics, and abbreviations that don't seem to make any sense. Investors may feel intimidated and overwhelmed when researching stocks in this industry, and many completely shun the biotech space because they think it's too difficult to understand – but do you really need to go through medical school before investing in this sector?

Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner doesn't think so. In this interview, David sits down with analyst Max Macaluso to discuss why investors often avoid complex sectors like biotech, how he first started investing in this industry, and the broader role that fear plays in investing. David also discusses how he generates new ideas, his process for analyzing businesses in different industries, and his thoughts on innovative companies like Amazon and Kickstarter.

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