Who could forget the infamous Red Ryder BB gun from little Ralphie's Christmas wish list in the holiday classic, "Christmas Story." While Ralphie was only one of many who desperately hoped to find the iconic toy under the tree on Christmas morning, something tells me if Ralphie was young today his weapon of choice would no doubt be the VC5 ARC rifle made popular by the video game KILLZONE 2.

Fast forward to today and it just so happens that the latest in the KILLZONE series is available for the just launched Sony (NYSE:SNE) PS4 along with a slew of other popular titles for you to check off your Christmas list. But it won't necessarily be a smooth path to Santa's sleigh for Sony as Microsoft releases its highly anticipated Xbox One next week. Get a deeper breakdown of what sets the PS4 apart from Motley Fool analysts Mark Reeth and Mike Finarelli in the video below.