Rapid prototyping is quickly becoming a standard in many industries. For this task, there's no better solution than modern 3-D printing jetting technology -- an arena in which 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) thrives. While the company's ProJet 3-D printer plays a role in rapid prototyping, it's the company's acquisition of Z Corp that really gave 3D systems an edge. But is there still considerable room for growth? An inventor in Colorado thinks so.

The importance of the ZPrinter
The acquisition of Z Corp and its ZPrinters line gave 3D Systems greater inroads into high resolution, full color, high speed printing technology -- a goldmine for prototyping and modeling. And when it comes to speed, ZPrinters are second to none. So not only does the ZPrinter provide professionals opportunities to create accurate and beautiful models, but they can get them done very quickly, too.

Providing some unique perspective, I asked Mini Metal Maker creator David Hartkop during a recent interview about whether he thought there would be further adoption of the printer.

If his enthusiasm for the printer is any indication of how other professionals that could benefit from the printer may feel, the future for ZPrinters may be very bright, with much higher penetration levels to come.