It's safe to say that investors have been happy with Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE:BMY) in 2013. This big pharma powerhouse has jumped to gains of more than 55% on the year, outpacing its health care rivals by a landslide. Bristol has done a good job of evading the worst of the patent cliff in its climb, and one look to the future shows that this pharmaceutical giant could see a few drugs with huge potential deliver even bigger gains.

From oncology to rheumatoid arthritis treatments, Bristol's pipeline is stacked with capable drug candidates undergoing clinical trials. Bristol launched one of its stars recently -- much-hyped blood thinner Eliquis, which Bristol co-developed alongside Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) -- after it received FDA approval late last year. Eliquis hasn't gotten off to a fast start, but it's bristling with potential nonetheless.

Which drugs can revolutionize Bristol's future and keep this big pharma giant at the top of the pack? Find out in the video below, where Fool contributor Dan Carroll reviews three drugs -- including Eliquis -- that could establish Bristol's coming years as some of the best in the health care sector and reward investors with handsome long-term gains.

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