Applied Semantics was a California-based software producer for online advertising, domain name and enterprise information management markets. It was acquired by Google for $102 million in 2013. Google then used Applied Semantic's technology to create its Google AdSense program, which brought in $3.44 billion in the last fiscal quarter of 2012 (or 27% of Google's total revenue). That's a return on investment you can get excited about!

This is just one example of technology companies that have been acquired for much less than what they would one day be worth. History shows us plenty of examples of smart acquisitions by innovative companies that were able to find the true potential of these technologies.

As many of us start searching for the best bargains in retail stores, this list from Firmex Virtual Data Rooms highlights the insanely low prices (relative to what they would one day be worth) at which some tech companies were acquired. This list of "Huge Discounts in Tech Deal History" will definitely put your Black Friday savings to shame!

Huge Discounts in Tech Deal History from Firmex

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