Obamacare's gotten off to a difficult start in the waning months of 2013. Between technical glitches and reports of low sign-up numbers, the new health-care reform law has been divisive, to say the least. But what do the numbers show about how this law's performing so far? We found out this week, as the Department of Health and Human Services released an announcement detailing how many Americans nationwide have selected plans from both federally and state-run marketplaces across the nation.

It's been a tough two months for Obamacare. Marketplace enrollee numbers are far short of what the administration had hoped for going into the sign-up window, and insurers who approached the new marketplaces with caution, such as UnitedHealth Group (NYSE:UNH), are looking smart for their restraint.

What can investors take away from Obamacare's first two months? Find out in the following video, as Fool contributor Dan Carroll takes you through three red flags in Obamacare's first two months, and how they'll affect the insurance industry's biggest players going forward.

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