If there's any industry in which CEOs have an enormous influence on a company's performance, it's in the tech sector. Given the fast-changing dynamics technology companies face, a CEO can make or break a company in a very short period of time. This video is the first of three in which Fool contributor Daniel Sparks identifies the top three CEOs he feels did the most notable work in 2013.

In third place is Yahoo!'s (NASDAQ:YHOO) Marissa Mayer. She joined the company as CEO in 2012, and the company's stock has soared about 100% since then. In the video below, Fool contributor Daniel Sparks explains why he thinks Mayer should get some of the credit for the stock's mind-blowing performance. Ultimately, he argues, Marissa Mayer has done an impeccable job implementing a strategy that gives Yahoo! a much-needed identity as an increasingly mobile personalization company.

To get Daniel's full take on Mayer, watch the video below.

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