For decades, Russia has been the most important player in the world of natural gas. Despite the U.S. producing more gas thanks to the shale boom, Russia exports the most natural gas by more than double the second largest exporter, Qatar. More importantly, it has immense price control in Europe because it supplies the continent with one-third of its total imports, and has some of the only pipeline connections to major gas sources. Today, though, BP (NYSE:BP), Total (NYSE:TOT) and Noble Energy (NYSE:NBL) look to turn that dynamic on its head with some game-changing projects. 

All three of these companies are unique because they can do something that so few have been able to do -- supply Europe with natural gas via a pipeline that doesn't run through Russia or Norway. Tune into the video to learn more about what these projects could mean for natural gas markets around the world, and whether these projects make these companies a buy right now.

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