Shares of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) are up today on the news that it has finalized a deal with China Mobile (NYSE:CHL). The deal means that China Mobile, China's largest phone network, will begin supporting the iPhone 5s and 5c. According to Motley Fool One analyst Jason Moser, this opens Apple up to China Mobile's approximately 700 million subscribers—however, because the GDP of China is somewhere around $10,000 per person, Chinese consumers will be much more sensitive to the high price of Apple phones than American consumers are.

Meanwhile, Apple enjoyed the benefits of being the sole proprietor of Beyonce's new album a few weeks ago, leaving retailers like Target and Amazon out in the cold. Jason thinks that exclusivity will become more commonplace with music as it has with movies, but that doesn't mean that Apple will dominate it—bricks and mortar retailers, as well as Amazon, will continue to pose a threat. So with all that said, is Jason buying Apple today? He says no, but that doesn't mean that Apple isn't a great company that investors should keep an eye on.

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