According to a new study -- Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK-A)(NYSE:BRK-B)added an astronomical $12.7 billion to his net worth in 2013, bringing his total to $59.1 billion. That number is huge on paper, but it is even bigger when you put it into perspective.

1. $36,918,604
That's how much Warren Buffett made each day. Or put another way, more than what singer Adele made in all of 2012.

Source: Keith Allison

2. $4,500,000
$4.5 million was the 2013 contract value for National League MVP Andrew McCutchen. Buffett makes that much every three hours.  

3. Long-term contract
Speaking of baseball, Alex Rodriguez would need to play 461 seasons at his absurd $27.5 million annual salary to hit what Warren Buffett made this year.

4. Frosty anyone?
It would only take roughly three months of Buffett's 2013 wealth gains to buy Wendy's outright.

5. Bling Bling
On the subject of buying things, if he wanted, he could also use his 2013 wealth to buy Tiffany & Co. in its entirety, and still have $1.1 billion left over. 

6. Quick as a Tiger
Buffett's wealth increased $427 every 1.2 seconds. That's the time it takes Tiger Woods to start and finish his golf swing.

7. Talk about first-class
$20 million is roughly how much Buffett would have accumulated during the 13 hour flight from LA to Shanghai.

8. Oh, Miley...
In the six minutes and 26 seconds it took Miley Cyrus to spiral out of control during her performance at the VMAs, Buffett's wealth increased more than $160,000. 

9. One month
LeBron James has been sighted with Carlos Slim, Warren Buffett, and others, noting his desire to become a billion-dollar athlete. Buffett's net worth increases by roughly a billion dollars every month.

10. Jackpot!
Buffett's wealth pile grew an equivalent amount to winning the recent $648 million Mega Millions jackpot roughly 20 times in 2013. That means he "won" it every two and a half weeks.

11. 80
That's the number of opening weekends "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" would have to be released before its ticket sales equaled what Buffett made this year. 

12. Buffettopia
There are 3.1 million people in Albania -- and it is considered by the World Bank to have an upper middle income level. However, Warren Buffett's wealth increase was 97% of what the entire country produced in gross domestic product in all of 2012. 

13. Buffett, Ohio
Speaking of GDP, the average per capita GDP for the United States was $42,784 in 2012 -- meaning Buffett's increase in wealth equaled the economic output of nearly 300,000 Americans, or the entire population of Cincinnati.  

14. iPads for all the Buffetts this Christmas
Buffett could buy every iPad sold in the world over the last six months with the amount he made this year. 

15. About three years of Bank of America
Since 2011, Bank of America has made $11.8 billion in net income; or $900 million less than what Buffett made in 2013.

16. New York Sports
The Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, and Islanders are all worth about $8 billion. That means Buffett could by them all, plus the Yankees, Giants, and Jets again with what he's made this year. 

17. $12,573,000,000
All in all, that's how much of the money Buffett's made in 2013 will ultimately be given to charity through his efforts with the Giving Pledge, as he has pledged to give away 99% of what he has.

In his words, "measured by dollars, this commitment is large. In a comparative sense, though, many individuals give more to others every day."

Say what you will about these comparisons and Buffett's astounding wealth, but as he has said, "too often, a vast collection of possessions ends up possessing its owner," which of course is something we could all be reminded of this Christmas season.