Following a solid 90% gain in 2013, it's easy to understand how tempting it must be for InvenSense (INVN) shareholders to take their money and run.

After all, shares of the motion-sensor specialist rose 20% in December alone, including an 11% pop Monday thanks to a positive note from analysts at Northland Capital Markets.What's more, InvenSense stock climbed during each its final seven trading sessions to close the year, so it has to fall eventually, right?

Sure, but as the Fool's Steve Symington explains in the following video, tapping that "sell" button now could mean missing out on even bigger gains down the road. Specifically, thanks to increased market penetration and waves of new products ready incorporate InvenSense's key offerings, patient long-term investors should be able to reap huge rewards by staying the course.

Check out the video below to get Steve's full take, then let us know in the comments below whether you think InvenSense stock is worth holding today.