Last year, General Mills (NYSE:GIS) came under a lot of heat for not offering their most popular cereal brand--Cheerios--without genetically modified organism (GMOs).  In Europe, the cereal had been GMO-free for years, but in America, it was impossible to get your hands on.

That changed last week, when the company decided that all of its Cheerios boxes would go without GMOs.  Many are now wondering if that decision could have an effect on the companies that manufacture the seeds that are genetically modified.  

The leader in the industry is Monsanto (NYSE:MON), and during the company's recent conference call, CEO Hugh Grant addressed the situation.  To find out what he said, and what the move could mean for Monsanto, watch the video below by Motley Fool contributor Brian Stoffel.

It's Like Buying Monsanto for $7 per Share