This year's Consumer Electronics Show was by far the biggest exhibition in history for 3-D printing. There were dozens of companies present, along with industry leaders Stratasys (SSYS 2.90%) and 3D Systems (DDD -1.42%). With so many exhibits and announcements pouring out of the show, it can be difficult for the casual observer to pick up on events that could affect the future of 3-D printing.

Fool analyst Blake Bos believes this year's show boiled down to five key areas investors and 3-D-printing fans should focus on.

  • Sheer size: CES 2014 featured more than 27 different 3-D printing exhibits.
  • Falling prices: We saw professional printers below $5,000 and sub-$1,000 entry-level printers.
  • Stratasys' Makerbot pricing: Will Makerbot's new printers sell at the high price points?
  • 3D Systems' new products: We saw a dozen new announcements from the industry leader.
  • SLA desktop printers: The all-new stereolithography at-home printers arrived.

In the following video, Blake covers these five areas in detail and lets 3-D printing fans and investors know what they should watch going forward.