LinkedIn's (NYSE:LNKD.DL) value isn't just in helping you find your next gig. The network also hopes to introduce you to your next volunteering opportunity, Fool contributor Tim Beyers says in the following video.

Specifically, the company has created what it calls the LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace in concert with matching organizations such as Catchafire, Taproot Foundation, BoardSource, and VolunteerMatch. Opportunities are presented based on not only your location but also who you're connected with and what skills you claim in your LinkedIn profile.

Tim says the idea could boost LinkedIn's value among those who traditionally have trouble winning business from the network, such as students or those in the midst of a career transition. Volunteering can help them add skills, experience, and high-value connections.

Investors win too, Tim says, because the program gives the site's 259 million members more reasons to engage with their networks and the companies they follow -- exactly the sort of formula that leads to higher revenue and profit and, correspondingly, a higher stock price.

Do you agree? In what ways has LinkedIn added value for you? Please watch the video to get Tim's full take and then leave a comment to let us know whether you would buy, sell, or short LinkedIn stock at current prices.

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