According to the Department of Labor Statistics, in fact, there's a strong positive correlation between the amount of schooling an individual completes and their future earnings. So opponents of getting a college degree can put that in their pipe and smoke it.

Choosing a college, however, is one of the most difficult and stressful decisions for high school juniors and seniors. Eventually, they'll choose a school based on prestige, location, sports teams, or perhaps a school specializing in their intended major. But will that end up the right choice?

The problem is that upon graduating you finally realize that college should've been about choosing an institution that will help you find a job. And in today's economy, the fact is some colleges are better at opening doors than others.

With that said, I have compiled -- with the help of US News and -- the 10 best colleges in the Southeast to prepare future students not only to earn a job after graduation, but to go on to earn fantastic salaries.

Displayed below are the 10 best colleges in the Southeast for average alumni income based on a survey conducted by