Shares of Visa (NYSE:V) were up yesterday, after the company reported yet another solid quarter. Revenue grew by 11%, while expenses were much more flat at only 3% growth year over year, which was good for the company's operating leverage. Visa also continues to buy back huge amounts of its own stock, which boosted shares as well this quarter.

In this video, host Mark Reeth and Motley Fool financial analyst Matt Koppenheffer take a look at Visa. With the security breach at Target that led to millions of customers' credit card information being stolen still fresh in many consumers' minds, some are wondering about preventative steps the company will take to protect against this in the future; Matt looks into how the company is mitigating this headline risk going forward.

Matt also says that he sees both Visa and competitor MasterCard (NYSE:MA) as great long-term buys, and that the credit card industry still has a lot of room ahead of it to grow.