In a recent interview with Fox Business, 3D Systems (DDD 2.17%) CEO Avi Reichental made some extremely bullish comments about the future direction of consumer 3-D printing. When asked whether or not every home will have a 3-D printer, Reichental replied, "The question we should be asking is what room in your house will your 3-D printer be." This obviously was a grand sweeping statement that assumes the 3-D printing revolution has firmly taken hold in the consumer segment. However, the reality of the situation is that consumer-oriented 3-D printed products only accounted for about 10% of the company's revenue last quarter.

In the following video, 3-D printing analyst Steve Heller sits down with the head of Motley Fool's industrials sector, Blake Bos, to discuss the comments and whether or not they hold water. (The relevant segment can be found between 0:01 and 2:25.)