Some decisions are better made on your own. Similar to Albert Einstein, Warren Buffett has spoken candidly about the importance of sitting quietly in a room, contemplating decisions.

Other decisions, however, could use some friendly guidance.

Consider how you choose your doctor, dentist, plumber, laptop, cell phone, and the restaurant you went to last night. We use reviews and friendly advice all the time, and that's because, in general, basing decisions on the experiences of other is helpful.

The question is: why, when it comes to 18 year-olds making one of the biggest decisions of their lives, do they take advice -- if any at all -- from the oddest sources?


Guidance counselors have the vital role of showing students the proper path, but often they can't tell you how your experience at a particularl college will be. College tour guides are biased, and parents only want the best for their children. This occasionally means selecting highly ranked schools, though it may not be the best fit. took the first step in creating a better system for choosing colleges by surveying thousands of alumni from hundreds of colleges across the country.

While the research I'll be discussing today is strictly quantitative (numbers based) rather than qualitative (feedback), I believe it opens the door for a conversation about how students could more effectively choose colleges. 

With that in mind, I have gathered 11 of the lowest ranked colleges based on alumni reviews, which can be found in the slideshow below.