Warren Buffett praised Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) in his recent edition of his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK.A)(NYSE:BRK.B) shareholders, but could the Oracle of Omaha run the bank more effectively than its current CEO Brian Moynihan? While Buffett isn't a "banker" by nature, he has been a deft capital allocator for decades at Berkshire. Meanwhile, Moynhan has spent years in the banking business -- running Bank of America's wealth management, investing banking, and consumer opertations before taking the helm as CEO.

In this segment of The Motley Fool's financials-focused show, Where the Money Is, banking analysts Matt Koppenheffer and David Hanson play a round of "Would You Rather..." and debate the collection of businesses at Berkshire Hathaway and Warren's ability to deliver for shareholders at Bank of America. Matt and David both believe Warren Buffett could effectively produce returns for shareholders at the bank because of his ability to repurchase shares at opportune times and understanding the intrinsic value of businesses.

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