For growth-oriented investors, the phrase "Internet of Things" has moved quickly from the realm of theory to that of a very real -- and very profitable -- tech market. And while the majority of attention surrounding the concept of a truly "smart" world has been heaped upon big-boy players like Google (whose recent purchases include a robotics company, an artificial-intelligence company, and -- strangely enough -- a thermostat company) and Cisco Systems (whose CEO, John Chambers, has been travelling the world to expound upon the $19 trillion opportunity the Internet of Things represents), it's important for any investor looking to capitalize on this space's growth to understand exactly how that growth will come about.
That's where Ayah Bdeir, founder and CEO of littleBits, comes in. Since 2011, Bdeir and her team have been selling bite-sized circuit boards that connect with magnets, allowing everyday people to dream, design, and create their own high-tech gadgets even if they don't have a high-tech background. Tech analyst Lyons George caught up with Bdeir in an exclusive interview at the recent South by Southwest conference. Watch as they discuss what the Internet of Things is, why it holds so much promise for investors and businesses alike, and how taking cues from Legos is helping to make it a reality.