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Better Buy: Twitter vs. Bristol-Myers Squibb

By Dave Williamson and Jamal Carnette, CFA – Mar 19, 2014 at 12:35PM

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We've collected the most popular companies among readers and put them head-to-head in a good old-fashioned challenge we're calling The Motley Fool Better Buy Tournament.

In today's ­first round match-up of The Motley Fool Better-Buy Tournament, Twitter squares off against Bristol-Myers Squibb in a battle to determine which stock is the better buy now. The 64-company tournament pits two Motley Fool analysts against each as they make the case for their stocks, with the winner determined by you, the readers.

Motley Fool tech analyst Jamal Carnette argues that Twitter (TWTR) should move into the next round because of the opportunity it presents. Politicians, celebrities, and newsmakers use Twitter to build their brands. The company continues to grow its top-line figures by growing users and more effective monetization – such as adding video ads to its marketing arsenal. If you're looking for a social-media company still in its growth phase, Twitter is your clear choice to advance.

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY -0.03%) trades at a premium price, but investors get premium execution in return from this best-in-class operator, argues Motley Fool analyst David Williamson. Bristol set off the immune-oncology race thanks to strong results for nivolumab, and Bristol remains in pole position. Peak sales estimates put this drug among the best of all time. This isn't a company afraid to make bold moves via a big acquisition or divestment, recently washing its hands of its large diabetes partnership, and ceasing certain development programs to focus on more profitable treatment areas in its pipeline. Bristol has a 2.8% yield, and is expected to average 14% growth during the next five years -- a rare combination in any market.

Watch these analysts square off in the video below, and then vote for a winner. Then check out the other companies in the Motley Fool Better-Buy Bracket

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