Nike (NYSE:NKE) shares are down today after the company posted earnings after market close yesterday. Despite that, however, Motley Fool analyst Brendan Mathews thinks the quarter for the company was a good one. Revenue increased by 13%, and earnings per share grew by 4%, which slightly beat analysts' estimates.

One potentially concerning metric for the company is that total revenue is growing faster than earnings per share, which can sometimes mean contracting margins. Brendan doesn't see that as the case, though, because Nike is investing so much in its brand and infrastructure at the moment, and that should lead to growth for the company down the road.

So is the stock a buy today? After the stock's amazing run in 2013, performance has been somewhat muted in 2014. Brendan still loves the company and its international growth prospects, and sees the 12% futures orders growth as a great sign of continued growth down the line. But at 25 times earnings, the company may look a little pricey for now and investors may want to wait for a pullback.

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