In this edition of The Motley Fool's "Ask a Fool" series, Motley Fool analysts Jason Moser and Brendan Mathews take a question from a reader who asks, "I have a position in Boston Beer (NYSE:SAM); how far do you think it can run once they fix their capacity issues? Should I increase my position?"

Jason refers to Boston Beer's most recent quarter, in which the company reported a bit of a hit to net income because of unanticipated demand for its product. While in the short run that can result in potential volatility for the stock price, ultimately it's a good problem to have. Boston Beer continues to pick up market share on the overall domestic beer market thanks to the fast growth rates craft beer is witnessing, and with a founder in Jim Koch who is still invested in the day-to-day operations of the business, investors in Boston Beer should feel great about the stock as a long-term holding today.

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