It's OK to be weary about investing because of what is going on at the border of Ukraine and Russia. Vladimir Putin's actions has the world on edge as to what he may do next. However, from even the most troublesome situations, an opportunity can arise. In this case, Russia's strong-arm tactics in Europe could be a big opportunity for Chart Industries (NASDAQ:GTLS).

Both Chart Industries and industrial giant General Electric (NYSE:GE) are two of the world's leading manufacturers of cryogenic equipment that is needed for liquefied natural gas liquefaction. With congressional hearings this past week bringing LNG exports to the forefront again and the Department of Energy approving the seventh LNG export terminal, a big push for greater LNG exports around the world could lead to a big bump in sales for these two companies, especially Chart. The video below spells out how Russia's aggression has led to an LNG panic and how these companies tie into the equation. 

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