Apple iWatch? The Company Has Far Larger Opportunities

Health care could be a big opportunity for Apple

Eric Bleeker
Eric Bleeker and Matthew Argersinger
Apr 2, 2014 at 3:26PM
Technology and Telecom

In the video below Fool portfolio manager Matt Argersinger and managing editor Eric Bleeker discuss tech events across the past week. 

In this segment, Eric and Matt discuss Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and wearables in 2014. With Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) having recently announced Android Wear and persistent rumors that focus on an iWatch, speculation in wearables has centered on the watch industry. 

It's easy to understand the potential appeal of wearing a digital watch, because million so of people already wear watches. Yet, the two feel the most exciting aspect of wearables is markets not yet created. From that standpoint, Eric discusses Apple's Healthbook as something that could be far more meaningful than a watch product. 

Healthbook has yet to be released, and is expected to debut with iOS 8 in June. Yet, early leaks hint that it'll be a contain a number of health cards (on topics like heart rate, blood sugar, sleep, etc.) on information that currently is handled by a variety of apps. Eric believes one of the areas holding wearables back is that consumers don't want to manage 15 different apps for specialized tasks. Having a central point such as Healthbook that handles all health information could help drive consumer adoption in the wearables space. 

With healthcare being one of the world's largest markets, the appeal of being an early leader in the space creates long-term potential that five years from now, could dwarf the watch industry itself. 

To see Eric and Matt's full thoughts, watch the video below.