This Tweet Got Us Excited About Washington, DC's Future

Washington, DC will be doubling its solar capacity by 2015 by installing panels on 49 buildings around the nation's capital.

Taylor Muckerman
Taylor Muckerman and Joel South
Apr 6, 2014 at 12:30PM
Energy, Materials, and Utilities

Source: Flickr

Typically, when Washington, DC, and solar energy are mentioned in the same sentence, it's because public policy is being debated. This time, however, it's the actual District of Columbia, and not its high-powered residents, that is doing the talking. 

By 2015, the District will be installing 1 megawatt of solar panels on 49 rooftops throughout the area. Of this group, 39 of them will reportedly be school buildings. The job will be broken up into three tranches which are currently soliciting bids from solar companies to both install and maintain the projects. If all goes according to plan, the solar panels will provide up to 14% of the buildings' energy needs. 

There is no word about which companies are up for consideration yet, but we will certainly be following these developments given that our Alexandria, Virginia-based headquarters overlooks the nation's capital. For more on this story, check out the short clip below.

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