Last week, 3-D printing analyst Steve Heller and Motley Fool industrial bureau chief Blake Bos attended the Inside 3-D Printing Conference in New York City, where 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) CEO Avi Reichental gave a keynote address, covering a range of topics around the future of 3-D printing and how the company is positioned for the industry's growth. Most notably, Reichental told attendees that 3D Systems will continue chipping away at what it believes is a $35 billion "design-to-manufacturing value chain."

The design-to-manufacturing value chain that 3D Systems is after encompasses the entire design process, from idea to finished product. Worldwide, when all the pieces are added together, it equates to a $35 billion opportunity, which Reichental believes 3D Systems' 3-D printing portfolio sits at the center of.

That said, Reichental acknowledged that 3D Systems' supply of metal 3-D printers cannot keep up with demand, despite increasing manufacturing capacity, and the modular smartphone project known as Project Ara has a goal to create tens of thousands of unique finished parts daily.

Check out the video below to see Steve and Blake break down 3D Systems' keynote address.