iRobot Corporation (NASDAQ:IRBT) is all set to announce first-quarter 2014 earnings next Tuesday after the market close, so it's time for investors to start thinking about what to expect from the robotics specialist.

Of course, everyone will be looking at the usual revenue and earnings figures. Analysts, on average, are expecting net income of $0.16 per share on sales of $112.26 million.

But according to the Fool's Steve Symington, it pays to dig deeper to get a better idea of both what's driving those results and where iRobot is headed next. In the following video, Steve elaborates on three specific things he's watching in iRobot's report, including what to expect from guidance, traction in iRobot's telepresence business, and whether iRobot's home robot segment is successfully maintaining its momentum. To hear Steve's full take, check out the video.

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