In this segment from Monday's Where the Money Is, Motley Fool financial analyst Matt Koppenheffer takes a question sent in by a WTMI listener, who says, "A few years ago I made a mistake and bought some shares of Aflac (NYSE:AFL) without doing the proper research. When I recently went to rectify that mistake I realized that I don't know enough about insurance to really understand the company. I feel like Aflac could still be a good company but I would like to know for sure, can you guys break down the company for me?"

Matt talks about the importance of understanding the businesses that an investor owns in his or her portfolio, and explains the supplemental health insurance business, where Aflac is the dominant player in Japan and in the U.S. Matt discusses how the new Affordable Care Act legislation could mean new insurance products from Aflac and also talks about the company branching out into life insurance, and shows why the low interest rate environment has hurt the insurer, something that could alleviate once interest rates begin to rise again.