How Discover and American Express Plan to Takedown Visa and MasterCard

Here's what Discover and American Express are doing to try and take big dogs Visa and MasterCard down a peg.

Matt Koppenheffer
Matt Koppenheffer and David Hanson
Apr 20, 2014 at 10:00AM

While the payment networks of giants Visa (NYSE:V) and MasterCard (NYSE:MA) are enormous and currently cannot be matched, smaller players Discover (NYSE:DFS) and American Express (NYSE:AXP) aren't sitting idly by -- they're taking action.

In this video, Motley Fool financial analysts Matt Koppenheffer and David Hanson discuss how Discover is leveraging its smaller network by reaching out to a huge number of partners, and the initiatives American Express is making to reach out to a large number of smaller businesses, where Visa and MasterCard are currently undercutting American Express on price.