Shares of Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) have now hit their lowest point ever as a public company. Despite first-quarter earnings that came in better than expected and growth in monthly active users to 255 million, Twitter had its valuation based around stronger user growth numbers in the eyes of Wall Street analysts, and the stock has sold off as a result.

In this segment from Wednesday's Investor Beat, host Chris Hill and Motley Fool analysts Jason Moser and Simon Erickson discuss Twitter and its prospects. User engagement is also up for the company, the other key metric to watch for the growth thesis besides active user growth, and both Jason and Simon agree that they still really like where Twitter is going. Jason discusses the active steps the company is taking to grow and says this pullback to a more appropriate valuation was probably necessary, while Simon says that understanding the differences between Twitter and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) will be key for investors looking at Twitter's prospects today.

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