According to a survey of the top suppliers of automakers in the U.S., General Motors is now considered the worst automaker to deal with, a title held previously by Chrysler since 2008. How will GM's latest distinction move investors?

Today on Investor Beat, Chris Hill and Motley Fool analyst Taylor Muckerman discuss GM's new challenge. While GM's latest title of worst automaker to deal with hasn't affected its stock price yet, Taylor believes that over the next year, the distinction may be a roadblock for the challenge-riddled company. Taylor explains how hard it could become for the automaker in terms of technology and supplier relationships. Furthermore, he finds it difficult to maintain interest in a stock that isn't pleasing its customers. 

Chris and Taylor then launch into what segments of the auto industry interest Taylor. Because the average age of the U.S. vehicle is about 11 years old, Taylor thinks parts manufacturing will win big when Americans either buy new cars or parts.