Big pharma's home to some of the highest-yielding blue chip stocks on the market, but few offer dividend investors more than GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK). Glaxo's 4.5% dividend and manageable payout ratio make this stock a boon for long-term investors, but Wall Street's turned cautious lately after the company's China bribery scandal last year, and the resulting fallout to Glaxo's earnings.

There's more than just China to be cautious about, however. Glaxo's top-selling Advair faces a major patent expiration in 2016 that could severely threaten sales at this big pharma giant. However, the company's made good progress on one of the best pipelines in the industry in order to combat possible losses. Is that enough to make dividend investors confident about this health stock's future?

Find out everything you need to know about this high-yielding dividend stock in the video below, as Motley Fool contributor Dan Carroll takes you through what challenges face Glaxo in the near future -- and whether this dividend is worth a place in your long-term portfolio.

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