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The results are in, and energy companies as a whole delivered strong first-quarter results. Higher energy prices, combined with booming production, made it easy for many companies to turn in outstanding results. That said, three companies really stood out, as each managed through rough winter conditions to turn in a really awesome first quarter.

Most surprising of the bunch was Encana (NYSE:ECA), which is in the middle of a major turnaround. Encana's strong first quarter showed that its turnaround is on track, if even ahead of schedule. Meanwhile, Halcon Resources (NYSE:HK) turned in exceptionally strong results in the face of extremely rough winter weather in North Dakota. Halcon Resources, which had been a disappointment to investors for much of last year started this year out with a bang. Finally, EOG Resources (NYSE:EOG) turned in what was another stellar quarter. Of the group, EOG Resources' results were least surprising, as it simply continues to do exceptionally well.

There's more to each of these first-quarter stories, which is why I created the following slideshow. The presentation details just how well Encana, Halcon Resources, and EOG Resources performed in the first quarter, as well as what investors can expect from each company going forward. 

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