The way some people talk about it, you might think that everyone's rushing to pay for anything and everything through a flashy mobile app. Sorry, maybe someday, but that's hardly the reality today.

And what's true for consumers is likewise true for businesses. The über-cool coffee shops in SoHo may all be swiping you on a Square dongle on their iPad, but that's not what's going on with Mom and Pop businesses on Main Street America. Not even close. 

In fact, according to Terry Crowley, the CEO of TranSEND, a huge chunk of these businesses don't even have Internet access in their storefront. That means that many of the fancy new payment-tech solutions are of little use to them.

I caught up with Crowley at the Transact 14 conference in April. In the video below, he sets me straight on the reality of payments at Main Street USA, and how TranSEND's OfferPipe is helping those businesses better connect with their customers.