As part of our "Where the Money Is" podcast, Fool energy and materials analysts Joel South and Taylor Muckerman like to take a look at industry "tweets" and discuss the broader themes around them.

This week, they examine tweets about our current Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz. They also examine the ongoing situation with BP plc (BP -0.86%) and its decision to take its litigation case to the Supreme Court. Finally, Joel is able to talk about his favorite football team and its recent field trip to the Nation's capital.

"Sec. @ErnestMoniz was sworn in one year ago today. See what he's been up to since then:"

— Energy Department (@ENERGY) May 21, 2014

"BP will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review a court order on a settlement tied to its 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill."

— World Oil Online (@WorldOil) May 21, 2014

"Obama has heard about the Legion of Boom:"

— Bloomberg News (@BloombergNews) May 22, 2014

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