Shares of tech titan Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL)have remained about even today after it revealed the prototype of its new driverless car. The car has neither a gas pedal nor a brake pedal, and any sort of steering wheel seems to be absent as well. Google has declared that it's creating 100 prototypes of the car, and hopes to have the car commercialized within the next year.

So why would the king of search get into the automobile game? According to Motley Fool analyst Simon Erickson, this is the brainchild of CEO Larry Page, who wants to use technology to affect hundreds of millions of people, and he believes the car can do just that.

So, is now the time for investors to jump into Google? On today's Stock of the Day, Simon Erickson says Google is always a no-brainer. It meets all six of the requirements for a Motley Fool Rule Breaker stock, but Simon doesn't yet know how the company plans to monetize this car. Still, he thinks the stock is a long-term buy for any portfolio. 

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