Motley Fool energy analyst Taylor Muckerman interviewed Art Eunson, general manager of General Electric's Bently Nevada product line. After being acquired in 2002 by General Electric, Bently Nevada has grown significantly and currently provides the oil and gas industry with sensors, monitors, and diagnostics.

In the interview, the two explore the benefits of the 2002 acquisition and the applications of Bently Nevada across the oil and gas industry. When Taylor points to the cost of offshore business, Mr. Eunson notes that reducing costs and improving efficiency drive the gas and oil technology company.

The interview continues on about the various applications and necessities for the sensors, monitors, and diagnostics of Bently Nevada and pinpoints safety and regulations as factors that have led customers to need their products.

Yet the company does more than offer technologies for offshore business, and Eunson broaches how Bently Nevada's technologies apply throughout the oil and gas industry. Finally, he offers how data analytics and cloud technologies impact not just Bently Nevada but also the oil and gas industry as a whole. 

Check out the video below for more!

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