For Motley Fool analyst, Taylor Muckerman, peer-trouncing margins and returns on capital are hard to ignore. That's why Core Laboratories (NYSE:CLB) has been a stock he's followed closely for several years now. 

After recently revising near-term guidance, he believes Core Labs has presented investors with a perfect window to invest in an industry staple.

In the following video, he discusses what makes this oil and gas technology company so unique. He also points out why Wall Street was wrong to sell off so sharply over news that 2014 might not quite live up to expectations. Often, investors can misconstrue a slow down in the United States oil and gas sector and associate it with the rest of the world. In this case, that is something Taylor is primed to take advantage of.

Shale and offshore energy production are the next big trends in global energy. Shale resources are only now being addressed outside of North America, and you can bet that Core Laboratories will be involved throughout the development life cycle in countries like Argentina and China. Regarding offshore development, Core Laboratories has been involved in nearly every well drilled in the Gulf of Mexico, and Taylor expects the same to continue around the globe as the need for more and more unconventional oil and gas heightens. 

Check out the short video below for more details on why he's adding Core Laboratories to his "Real Money" portfolio.