The debate over whether America should export crude oil just took a more serious turn. Continental Resources (NYSE:CLR) recently submitted a request to the Department of Energy, and there has been no word on it being rejected. This could suggest that the DOE is seriously considering this proposal. If it were the case, it is hard to find companies that could benefit from exports more than Bakken producers such as Continental, Kodiak Oil & Gas (UNKNOWN:KOG.DL) and Oasis Petroleum (NYSE:OAS)

Bakken producers generally have the weakest price realizations because of high transportation costs. Kodiak estimates that it costs at least 12 per barrel to move its product from North Dakota to any coastal region of the U.S. If Bakken producers could move oil out of the U.S, they could realize Brent prices or better. This is considerably higher than domestic prices today and could just about cover the costs of transport. 

The video below will walk you through how this would impact Continental's revenue stream and cash flow. While the details are different for each company, find out how much of a positive it would be for Continental, Kodiak, and Oasis by tuning in.