In the spirit of World Cup competition, we're holding our own tournament in search of the Better Stock Today. We're pitting 32 companies against each other and you, the reader, will determine the winner.

Melco Crown Entertainment takes on Berkshire Hathaway for this first round-robin match up in our search for the better stock today.

Consumer-goods analyst Sean O'Reilly makes the case for Melco Crown Entertainment (NASDAQ:MLCO) in this matchup. Sean believes that while growth fears in the company's main market of Macau have led to a pullback in the stock, the soon-to-be completed opening of its City of Dreams Manila Resort later this year, coupled with possible Japanese gaming legalization, mean Melco Crown should win this round of the competition. 

Financials analyst David Hanson believes the No. 1 reason Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK-A) (NYSE:BRK-B) should win this match is the company's unmatched reinvestment opportunities. Berkshire has its hands in multiple areas of the economy, from energy to railroads, and it can choose to reinvest its hefty profits in any of these businesses. That by itself would be impressive, but the company still has the world's greatest long-term investor in Warren Buffett making these decisions. Buffett isn't young at 83, but he appears to be getting savvier by the year and is currently sitting on as much capital as he's ever had available to him. The next five years at Berkshire Hathaway look incredibly bright.

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