Warren Buffett likes to call making big acquisitions "getting out his elephant gun." With Berkshire Hathaway bringing in $26 billion in operational cash each year on top of its massive insurance float, that elephant gun seems to be coming out more and more often. This time, it appears Buffett will be setting his sights on the electricity market. Berkshire has invested over $15 billion in alternative energy and electricity infrastructure projects over the past several years, and Buffett anticipates spending another $15 billion in this space relatively soon. 

Considering the amount of change that is about to come into the electricity market, along with Berkshire's ability to pour so much more money into it than its utility competition -- Exelon (NYSE:EXC) and Southern (NYSE:SO)-- Buffett could capture a huge swath of the industry. Tune into the video below to find out why Berkshire is in better position than Exelon or Southern in the electricity market today.