Better Stock Today Challenge: Energy Transfer Partners vs. American Express

In the spirit of World Cup competition, we’re holding our own tournament in search of the Better Stock Today.

Joel South
Joel South and Tyler Riggs
Jun 19, 2014 at 1:50PM
Energy, Materials, and Utilities

In the spirit of World Cup competition, we're holding our own tournament in search of the Better Stock Today. We're pitting 32 companies against each other and you, the reader, will determine the winner.

American Express takes on Energy Transfer Partners for this last round-robin match up in our search for the better stock today.

Financials analyst Tyler Riggs believes that the number one reason American Express (NYSE:AXP) is the strongest buy in the field is the company's extremely strong competitive position and -- most importantly -- what this means for the future of credit cards and payments. In terms of strength, American Express is unmatched in the credit card industry with its focus on just a key segment of cardholders: those who are more affluent, which means less risk and more spending. In addition, the company's unique closed loop system puts it in an incredible position to capitalize on the changing payments landscape.

Joel South, an energy analyst at The Motley Fool, thinks Energy Transfer Partners (NYSE:ETP) is a great investment for dividend lovers. The Master Limited Partnership currently distributes a very respectable 6.6% yield, but with strong segment diversification, a proven track record of executing on project backlogs, and a built out pipeline infrastructure ready to service U.S. LNG exports, distributable cash flows should continue to pick up for unit holders.

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